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I had been doing stand-up and writing one-woman shows since I was in the third grade. In the early 90ís I felt ready to write my first full-length comedy, At All Times. It followed the friendship of four Wellesley women from the class of 1964 for twenty years. I was fascinated by how womenís lives had changed in the United States during that period. I auditioned actresses and worked with my brother, the gifted director Todd Stuart Phillips, to develop the play first at Aliceís Fourth Floor on 42nd Street, where I was a participating artist. Then in Soho when it was chosen to open the Directorís Festival at Synchronicity Space. What an exciting, rewarding experience!

After my father died, for the first time I was able to use the rich material that I had experienced working as a stripper in Bostonís Combat Zone to pay for graduate school at the London School of Economics.

The play The All-Nude College-Girl Revue enjoyed a sold-out run at Soho's Synchronicity Space before moving to The Samuel Beckett Theater on 42nd Street for an extended run.

Now my funny new one-woman and two-women shows explore the changing world with humor.

The cast of the play, The All-Nude College Girl Revue

about women lives in changing times and her experiences working as a stripper to pay for graduate school at the London School of Economics.

The cast of The All-Nude College-Girl Revue, the play, on Mercer Street in SohoThe All-Nude Collge-Girl Revue play in New York magazine

Featured in New York magazine

Lisa Faith Phillips as Dr Faith. Photo by David Kassel