Savvy Secrets of Successful Mistresses

Lisa Faith Phillips

Praise for previous shows:

                              Best of the Fringe!


                A wildly funny play…Phillips mixes absurdism and social satire to hilarious results as guru extraordinaire Dr. Faith…The play retains a delightful burlesque quality from start to finish…and Mandel provides virtuoso accompaniment with the requisite dramatic stings and fabulously old-style showtunes. There are deliberate nods to Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf, but Phillips and Mandel clearly take their inspiration from Mae West, including a fondness for topical humor. Though the nostalgic styles and modern references make for a seemingly schizoid combination, the pairing actually produces a beautifully fractured fairytale of a parody. Jamie Lubin, The Huffington Post


A hilarious autobiographical one-woman show …the imagery is vivid, real and funny. The stage is decorated with nothing but her but this is enough…. Phillips is an incredible storyteller and her show is fascinating to watch and to listen to. DC METRO THEATER ARTS,


A close comparison to Goldie Hawn I thought, this performer was outrageously funny and successfully cunning. Intuitive and devilishly clever…Every line demanded a boisterous laugh. She exudes inherent fun like a bottle of champagne. Uplifting and unpredictable, Lisa Faith Phillips should have delivered the damn State of the Union Address this year. Carolyn Smith,


With a riding crop in one hand, and a feather boa in the other, Dr. Faith lectures, satirizes and sings her way into our psyche. In her charismatic way, Dr. Faith engages the audience with her witticisms and quips, citing current events. Her take on the “axis of evil” suggests a double entendre worthy of exploring! A semi-psychotic break later in the show leads into a hysterical, over the top Broadway tunes tribute. Highlighting other steps, Dr. Faith delivers lovely songs of love & belonging. The audience surrenders to her charm in the number “Let’s Just Keep Falling in Love”. Visit Dr. Faith for a session. Learning to be a mistress has never been more entertaining or effective! - Andrew Gilchrist, MNN Cable Network


This hilarious seminar is fun for wives, for husbands, for everybody!

-Pagina 12


Both are wonderful performers with great comic timing. Watch Out, Here She Comes!

Revealing, uninhibited...entertaining, well written -Back Stage

Chillingly hilarious…Phillips gives us a smart shot of Dorothy Parker. – The Village Voice

 Amusing yet oddly touching – Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

Molti applausi! – Mario Fratti, Oggi


Lisa Faith Phillips as Dr Faith

Photo by Mary Blanco

Lisa Faith Phillips one-wman show voted 5 stars Best of the FringeLisa Faith Phillips as Dr Faith kicks. Photo by Mary BlancoLisa Faith Phillips in Savvy Secrets of Successful Mistresses